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Keith and Michelle Norris—founders of Paleo f(x), the largest Paleo and Primal symposium in the world—are coming to Lake Norman this fall for another Happy Living Vacation Retreat to teach you how to get healthier, make more money, and kick more ass in your unique way.

When their daughter died too young, Keith and Michelle Norris left cushy jobs in corporate America, so they could impact the world on a more significant level. After nearly going bankrupt, Paleo f(x) is achieving success beyond their wildest dreams—helping people around the world rid themselves of the physical and spiritual toxins rampant in our modern world so we can all live happier, more positive lives.

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Design Your Vacation Retreat: Starring Keith and Michelle Norris

$1,500 for a 3-night all-inclusive adventure of a lifetime (All-inclusive means you don’t touch your wallet the moment you enter the Happy Living House)

Space is limited to six private rooms with queen-size beds.

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