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Happy Living is the Charlotte-area Lifestyle Brand and Media Company that does cool things to get the job done.

One of the best things we do is help entrepreneurs go from dreaming about something to realizing that something.

We help turn your ideas into actions that bring results.

And we have a rad lake house in Sherrills Ford that we use as our campus.

Speaker, author, and wildly successful businessman, Matt Gersper—the From Fired to $42 Million guy—teaches the nuts and bolts and magic of how to convert ideas and inspirations into real-world results and repeatable successes.

Through lecture, interactive workshops, case studies and his personal stories of failure and triumph, Matt will get you and your business where you and your business need to be.

And after the day’s work is completed, the play begins. Fun on the lake, a stroll through the woods, fine wine and healthy food among like-minded humans to make the connections that’ll get you rolling.

It’s no surprise that Matt—a man who owns not one but two houses on Lake Norman—believes that profitable business and good living are intertwined.

“The more you have one,” he says, “the more you get the other.”

This symbiosis is central to his proven philosophies that move his guests beyond Inspiration and into Action—to stop merely dreaming it and start really doing it. At a pace and return that exceeds even those in the dreams you’ve dreamed.

You owe your business quality investments. Time. Money. Energy. And the very best You possible. Matt says, “If you don’t invest, it’s just a hobby.”

So make room for an investment. Say no to something you no longer need so you can say yes to something vital.

Learn the secrets of entrepreneurship from Matt Gersper—a guy who once struggled to feed his family and now breathes his lake-living dream—to discover the tools to:

See what others do not.
Understand how and why and when to strike.
Experience the thrill of making money doing something you love.
Entrepreneur-coaching with Matt Gersper—Founder of Happy Living, CEO of 3rd Rock Essentials, a guy who once sold a business he bought at $1.5M for $42 Million in less than a decade—will nourish your business and elevate your life. Period.

It’s your business. It’s your life. Stop playing a bit-part in someone else’s movie—and begin playing a big damn starring role in your own.


Retreat materials, workshops, lodging, gourmet meals and snacks, organic Dry Farm Wines and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, lakeside activities, hiking, morning meditations, firepit chats and more. . .


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