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Celebrate the freedom of Fully. Being. Yourself.

If you’re ready for a retreat that leaves you feeling JOYOUS, INDULGED and ENLIGHTENED, then Elevate Yourself with Feng Shui is for you!

Do you long to celebrate your life, mind and spiritual nature? Do you hunger for a life that feels indulgent, fun and transformational? Do you yearn for a deep connection with yourself and the sacred feminine? Are you ready to authentically and uniquely manifest your fullest life? Then Elevate Yourself with Feng Shui is your answer! Here’s why…

Imagine the sun shining down on a glimmering lake as you let go and relax. . . sipping on a savory cup of coffee or a glass of organic wine in quaint-luxury at the Happy Living House on North Carolina’s beautiful Lake Norman.

Delight your body and satiate your soul. Wake up to days on the lake with meditation, breathwork and self-care workshops. Feed your imagination as you expand spirit with the ancient tools of Reiki and Feng Shui.

Sense the dawning of spring as nature nourishes you with her new beginnings, igniting the spark of spirit into the flame of possibility. Elevate Yourself to the best life ever.

And, finally, envision the laughter and joie-de-vivre you’ll share with the other vibrant, compassionate, creative, and spiritually-elevated women you’ve joined for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

– – – – –
Elevate Yourself with Feng Shui Vacation Retreat
$1,750 for a 3-night all-inclusive adventure of a lifetime (All-inclusive means you don’t touch your wallet the moment you enter the Happy Living House)

—Happy Mother’s Day… Share a room and Mom is free!

Space is limited to six private rooms with queen-size beds.

– – – – –

While we will definitely playfully indulge in the delights of lake and life, this will also be a life-changing experience. Each event, each class — each moment — is carefully designed to deeply immerse you in accepting and loving yourself in celebration of who you truly are.

During your stay, you’ll release stagnant energies and open up to new possibilities. You will bring your heart’s deepest desires into sharper focus and learn powerful tools to shift energy in you, your environment and your circumstances.

Through the artfully crafted journey of the Elevate Yourself with Feng Shui Fu Retreat, you will learn to engage with the world in a way you never thought possible—a way that is connected, open-hearted, and radically real.

This retreat will help you deepen your capacity to trust, honor, and love your body and spirit. . .

Celebrate the freedom of Fully. Being. Yourself.

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